17th November, 2023



TEKCOM is pleased to announce the issuance of the CANFER certification by ICC-ES on November 5, 2023 - a significant milestone marking our commitment to elevating the standards of quality and safety for our plywood products.

What is CANFER Certification?
CANFER - The CANFER certification, a credential for wood businesses entering Canada, holds great importance in the composite wood industry. TEKCOM takes pride in meeting the stringent criteria of this certification.
CANFER certificate establishes emission limits for the following types of composite wood panels: hard plywood (HWPW), medium density fire-resistant plywood (MDF), thin MDF, particleboard, and large products. CANFER does not apply to HWPW with a core made of hardboard or split wood.

*“Composite wood products” are panels made from pieces, chips, particles, or fibers of wood bonded together with a resin. The California Composite Wood Products Regulation (CWP Regulation) specifically focuses on three products: hardwood plywood (HWPW), particleboard (PB), and medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Focus on CANFER Standards
The CANFER certification not only mandates testing and limits on formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products but also emphasizes the reduction of risks to community health and the creation of a level playing field for businesses from Canada, the United States, and internationally.
It establishes strict standards ranging from emission limits, testing, and certification to labeling, reporting, and record-keeping. Products must comply with formaldehyde emission limits determined through rigorous testing and quality control. This poses a significant challenge and requires assurance from all parties in the supply chain.

CANFER Certification's Importance for TEKCOM and the Plywood Industry
CANFER imposes strict requirements on formaldehyde emission limits, aiming to minimize health risks and create a fair playing field for businesses. 

For TEKCOM, achieving CANFER certification is not just a commitment to quality but also a commitment to safety and compliance with new standards, aiming for a safer working and living environment.