Décor Paper Ply is an economical product used for a wide range of indoor applications: paneling façade, vanity, kitchen cabinet, and wardrobe... Its thin decorative paper overlay is available in various colors and textures which allow house owners to have either classic or modern decoration style at the most effective costs.

  • Available in various colors and textures
  • Less deformation, long-lasting stability.
  • A truly wood material, at reasonable cost price levels
  • Suitable for production large-sized furniture (requiring less grafting and joining)..

Fancy Ply takes full advantage of the natural beauty of valuable woods namely oak, ash, and walnut ..., and combines with outstanding durability of the substrate. This comes as an eco-friendlier solution to production of tables and chairs, which even can replace traditional wooden furniture.

  • High durability, and good water resistance,
  • Fancy natural wood grain is visible.
  • Suitable for production large-sized furniture (requiring less grafting and joining).
  • Less deformation, long-lasting stability.

Paint Ply is a particularly designed plywood product with a surface that allows direct painting. This product is suitable for applications requiring a high durability such as outdoor signs and billboards. With our “ready-to-paint” Paint Ply, there will be much less preparation and pre-works for carpenters before painting. In addition, our special surface material helps to reduce paint consumption, but still ensures smooth and uniform color coverage over the panel.

  • Cost-efficiency, primer & paint saving.
  • Cracking resistance
  • Smooth and durable finishing, resistance to discoloration
  • Longer life-time.

Laminate Ply is produced from General Plywood going through an advanced sanding technology, defect-detecting sensor, and automatically calibration to ensure surface flatness and smoothness, then combined with HPL overlay of high quality is imported from reputable brands.

This product is compatible with kitchen furniture and toilets thanks to exclusive characteristics of HPL class such as scratch resistance, anti-fouling (fingerprint, food), heat resistance and good water resistance.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Favorable surface of consistent quality and high durability
  • Available in various colors and textures
  • Elegant finishing surface
  • High resistance to moisture and water, cracking, fouling and direct impacts.

Décor PVC Ply is another option of plywood materials with a competitive price level, in comparison to HPL, and a harder and more durable surface than decorative or melamine paper.

This product is suitable for living room sets and office furniture, where direct impacts are expected of a high frequency.

  • High durability, and good water resistance
  • Available in various colors and textures
  • Consistency between edges & surface.
  • Less deformation, long-lasting stability.